Installation of Mounting Bracket for Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioner Condensing Unit

So, I am in the process of installing a new ductless mini split Pioneer air conditioner, similar to this one

. One of the steps involved was to set-up these mounting brackets to the exterior of concrete foundation wall, where the condenser will be secured. Unfortunately the mounting brackets came without any installation instructions so it took a bit of figuring out. Took about an hour and it was a pretty easy job.

Tools I needed:

hammer drill
Masonry drill bit 1/2 inch size
Socket wrench with deep 17mm socket (or possibly 11/16in would have also worked)
Socket wrench 9/16 inch
Wrench 9/16 inch

1. I unpacked the brackets and laid them out. The kit included the mounting brackets, masonry/concrete expansion anchors, rubber pads, bolts nuts, and washers.

Mounting Bracket for Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioner Condensing Unit 2P
Mounting Bracket for Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioner Condensing Unit 2P (For 9000 and 12000 BTU Condensers)

2. I measured the required distances from the side walls and any other objects as per condenser manufacturer’s instructions (mine was at least 12 inches away from the walls or obstructions). Then I put the first bracket against the wall and mark the hole openings on the concrete.  Measured the distance between the mounting “feet” of my condenser (mine was 18 inches across).  Using a level, I drew two horizontal lines from markings I just made on the wall and marked the holes for the second bracket (18 inches away). Finally, I drilled the holes using a hammer drill and 1/2 masonry bit.

3. After holes were drilled, I Inserted concrete anchors in them, put up the brackets against it and tightened with provided washers and bolts using 17mm deep socket wrench (11/16 inch should have also worked but I only had metric with deep sockets).  I tightened all bolts gradually before finally tightening them firmly. Level placed across the two brackets helped to ensure they were both plumb and level.

4. Next I secured the brackets in open position using provided bolts, plastic and metal washers (to prevent rusting bolts against metal washers) and nuts. I needed a 9/16 inch wrench for that

5. Next, using included longer bolts and washers I put rubber paddings – for now, held by friction only.

6. While aligning properly, I carefully placed the condenser on the rubber pads with bolts protruding through the holes, placed metal washers, then plastic washers and finally tightened with bolts using 9/16 inch wrench, while holding the bolts with 9/16 inch socket wrench.

This part of the installation was complete and I was ready for next phase.


6 thoughts on “Installation of Mounting Bracket for Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioner Condensing Unit”

  1. Nice how-to there. I am considering mounting my second mini split in this fashion. My concern is the weight over time on this type of bracket. Do you foresee any problems in the future or does it seem substantial enough to hold the weight over time?

    1. Thanks. I din’t see how these concrete anchors can give way. The brackets will probably rust sooner so I’d watch for rust or possibly use some kind if sealant on exposed metal parts to prevent rust. Also make sure brackets ardvrated for the eight if your system. One I used was specified for my 12k btu system.

  2. After installation, what is the clearance from the back of the outdoor unit to the wall that the bracket is mounted on?

    1. Hi Doug. Clearance is 6 inches (about 18in from the bottom). I asked the manufacturer about their clearance specifications (12in) from the wall, and they told me this only applies to the unit sitting on a slab (so that snow does not accumulate). I would attach the unit as high as I can to prevent any possible snow accumulation. Where I am (Northern KY), we don’t usually get snow as high as 18in to reach the unit so I have no concerns. Good luck.

    2. Thanks for your step-by-step instructions. Based on the dimensions of the brackets, couldn’t understand how you could get the 12 inch clearance as per instructions. Thanks for clarifying the 12 inch clearance is for those placed at ground level and issues with snow accumulating in behind the unit.

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